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Painting snuck up on me rather indirectly. I grew up in a small town where art classes were not offered in school and the little bit of painting and drawing I did practice was self-taught. I began taking painting classes in college and eventually my passion for art pushed me to relentlessly pursue a BFA.

The style I developed comes through my use of the palette knife. I began using a brush as most artists do but I found that my favorite portions of my paintings were always the parts in which I was using a palette knife. Eventually I strayed completely away from the brush and the knife is now my main tool. The completion of a painting is always a long process for me because I build up several layers with separated strokes using the palette knife.

As far as my subject matter, I have to say that it was my grandparent’s farm that has been the source of my inspiration. A simple farmhouse that is festering with old family history.

The abandoned houses across rural areas speak of both the past and the current economic struggle in rural areas, but the reason the houses still exist varies. Besides the obvious link to rapidly declining populations in rural areas the reason the houses still stand is unknown. Perhaps they are forgotten… or they may be a part of the past that one does not want to forget. Whatever the reason I do admire the mystery behind their existence.

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