"Caretaker"- Original oil painting, 60" x 42"

* Name: Caretaker
* Painter: Sarah Hultin
* Size: Canvas- 60" x 42", Frame- 62" x 44"
* Original handmade oil painting on canvas with black frame
* Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched) with black frame in rigid box
* Style: Modern, contemporary
* Free shipping within the United States
* 30 Day full money refund accepted, buyer is responsible for return shipping costs




The old woman in the painting takes on the form of the decaying wall, a structure she once resided in and worked to maintain. Her dress fades into the wallpaper, and she becomes a part of the house, a caretaker, who continues to watch over her home. The bird on her shoulder is a barn swallow, often found nesting in old houses and signifies his awareness of her presence.

"Caretaker" is part of my series of paintings titled Rural Inhabitants, which focuses on reawakening the memories left behind in abandoned houses. Memories may not be visible but linger in the forms that still exist. To describe the past, I have introduced the human figure. The figure represents a memory while the structure defines the present reality. Inspired by the tendency to bury the past away in formations incapable of existing forever, the memories of the past also become a form, tangible and capable of decay.


Shutterstock image by Rakic



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